It's been a long and busy January, and we still have another 10 days to go. This time last week, my little family and I were on our way home, making our way from Utah to Colorado. 

(Has it been a week already?)

I am not usually one to wish away the days, especially since my son was born. OH, how I wish those days hadn't gone by so fast. But lately, this little man, my sweetest guy, my biggest fan...he is just...


I'm not a toddler person. I'm not a kid person, at all, actually. I'm just a person with a kid, and I have to deal with it. I have to deal with this kid who has come into my life and no matter what I will forever have an overwhelming, unexplainable, incredibly beautiful and unconditional love for him.

Even when he is...two.

Oh yeah...
Aden. Is. TWO.

And two is challenging.

Two is difficult.

Two is hard.

But no matter how many fits, screams, tears and tantrums...

I have decided that in the midst of it all, I need to do my best to make these days count. To see past the emotional meltdowns of my little handsome and remember that once the clouds have cleared, my little sunshine will be shining bright again. I will make sure that I treasure the days I have with this little boy. I will be sure to be the best Mom I can be and keep calm, stay patient and just love him...because that's what he needs.

I will not wish two away.
 In the words of a dear friend, Noel...

"This too shall pass...and then you'll miss it"


Did I mention I'm dying for those sleepless newborn nights? 
There is wisdom in those words...

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2 Responses to “Two.”

  1. I love you! and I love hearing about everything going on in your life. We need to skype soon. Text me when you want to and i'll be there. :)

  2. If I wasn't your biggest fan already...there you go...reconfirming my love for you! :)) I loveee the big lead up "even when he is (dun dun dun) two" Perfecto!!