Grandma's House

Welcome to Grandma Shirley's House.

We stuck with our unspoken tradition and spent our first evening in American Falls having dinner with Harold's Grandma Shirley. Each time we have visited, dinner the first night has always been Grandma's special 'New Mexico Enchiladas'. As an average person who might read this blog, you most likely haven't ever tried this amazing meal. And for that, I am sorry. I pity you. I do. Because...

These enchiladas once confirmed in my mind that I had chosen to marry into the right family.

You think I'm joking. I'm not.

Anyway, we spent the evening just relaxing and wishing we hadn't allowed ourselves those last few deliciously painful bites. Harold's Dad, Randy, and his Grandma got dinner on the table while Harold and his brother Brad took some time to share the hundreds of photos on their phones. 

Aden makes the ordinary look extraordinarily adorable.

Aden and Grandma spent a little time watching 'Wonder Pets', which is Aden's favorite show these days (thanks to his cousin Layla). I loved being able to just lay around and enjoy the peace and quiet...

Until the Bachelor came on. 
Then I loved watching Shawn meet his possible soul-mates.

And since you brought it up...

Shawn is going to marry...

AshLee (the adopted girl)

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