I love snow. Harold loves snow. Aden loves snow.

We love snow.
But we love snow...differently.
Harold loves snow all the time, every day, every hour, every matter what.
I love snow...for Christmas. Then I'm over it. Get it

It hasn't always been that way for me...but since my sweet little boy has grown from adorable infant to wild-man toddler, I have learned to appreciate the warmth of January in the South. I am all about being able to let my little guy release his destructive energy in the great outdoors, without having to bundle him up, layer after layer...

And speaking of my little wild-man...

Aden loves the snow!! ...unless he is laying in it. Or if it's in his boot. 
But otherwise, he truly loves the snow.

And Harold LOVES that Aden loves the snow. 
And I love that Harold loves that Aden loves the snow.

Anyway, we were pretty sure that we would be leaving Idaho today, heading to Utah for the next leg of our trip. But the snow started falling and things got messy and the roads were just a little too we played in the snow and went out for Chinese food instead...

But before we went out for dinner, Aden got to see his Uncle Brad for a little while.

And even though I'm not snow's biggest fan these days, I still adore the photo ops with my little handsome in his puffy snow gear. 

Thanks for the memories, Idaho.

We'll be back soon.

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