Dear You...


Here I am, home at last, doing my best to shift back into regular life. It's been a long, long 18 days of family, friends and...flying. (Just typing the word makes me cringe.) We packed every single day of our trip back to the West as full as we possibly could, seeing as many people as our energy allowed and doing our best to keep up with our high expectations of ourselves and the trip in general. But, alas, for as much as this trip exceeded our expectations, it also fell short in some areas...mainly with me and my ability to keep up with this here blog. 

(My poor blog baby has suffered, here's to a swift recovery...and the strength to outlast any possible abandonment issues...)

Don't worry, I'm here.
 For good.

No, really...FOR GOOD. I am so over traveling of any kind. But more than that, I'm over being so busy that my to-do's become my to-maybe's. I'm not a fan of to-maybe's...because that's when I get behind, and when I get behind, my to-maybe's become to-never's. To-never's are the things I know I should do, and are usually time sensitive...but I keep them on the list anyway trying to convince myself they will get done...eventually. (For example: Sending out Thank-You notes for Aden's birthday gifts...on his 1st birthday) But, like I said, don't worry. Even though I have missed out on a few posts (my few might be a little more general than technical), this blog has not and will not become a to-maybe. 

Love me.

Forgive me. Follow me. Allow me to get caught up while I continue to fill you in on my day to day life through photos, stories and the occasional bit of charming humor. I've decided, in order to keep up the high quality posts of my past, that in order to get caught up I am going to post 2 posts a day, one for the day I'm in and one for a day I have missed, until they are all up to date...and your life is complete.


Because when nobody's around, I'm borderline 8-year-old. And just saying, "Thanks" gets boring.

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3 Responses to “Dear You...”

  1. Nice. Two a day now? What are you trying to catch up to? I suggest just relaxing and saving thie second post for a day you don't feel like posting lest you run out of steam? No? Ok can't say I didn't try :) I've been lax too (it's hard!) but luckily I've been able to hold onto my followers. God bless 'em

  2. Oh Allison! You never cease to amaze me! I cant wait to read your blog! I love that I can stay so up to date that I almost feel as if im I should be but the navy... well we wont go there! Lame! Anyways, keep up the good work my dear!