Hello, American Falls...

As much as I have missed you, I have also been dreading this trip back here, and here's why...

We've got beef.
 (No, it's not the cow kind...)
Here's the thing...I am a grudge holder. I shouldn't be, I wouldn't be...but I am. Do me wrong, shame on you...forever. And you, dear little town, have done me wrong. Do you care? No. Should you? Yes.

Are you ready? Because there's a list...and it's a growin!!

1. Internet Is Good. 

I seriously had to try 5 separate times to upload this photo (below) to Facebook from my the center of town...and the dang thing didn't even post the instead of everyone knowing that Aden and I were "Bustin' a move, trying to stay warm in this balmy 4 degree weather!", they were left wondering why I was still bringing out the duck face, considering I've been out of high school for 5+ years...and Aden's sweet dance moves couldn't fully be appreciated.

Look at this as if he is simply happy and I am just another duck-wannabe.

Now look at it as if Aden is bumpin', wavin' those arms around like he just don't care!
And shake your head in shame at the fact that when I dance, I look like just another duck-wannabe...

 What a difference a little caption can make!!

As I have already said once on Facebook today...

Come on, American Falls...
Internet is a good thing.

Get. With. The. Times.

2. Closed. At 8. Everything. Every night. 

Enough said.

Ok, so maybe that's all for now. I'm almost positive there is more...but this is all that matters to me in this moment. And now that I've vented, I'm feeling a lot more positive and a lot less naggy.

Anyway, in the rush of the day, I didn't really take many photos. It just wasn't that kind of day. It was a 'let's see as many people as we can before Aden gets tired of the carseat' kind of day. And it was very successful. We saw everyone we meant to see for today!

Aden checking out Mr. Anderson's art class at the Middle School.
Aden watching Wonder Pets with Great Grandma Shirley, with Grandpa Randy napping on the floor and Harold reading at the table.
We spent the day wandering around American Falls visiting and catching up with our family and friends and after we were all worn out and ready to just sit down and relax, we went over to see Harold's Grandma and eat dinner and spend some down time with her. It was a nice quiet night...

So for now, American Falls, I suppose our troubles can be set aside.
But you can be sure, little town, I haven't forgotten the wrongs...the terrible, terrible wrongs.

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