Our trip from Portland to Boise was quick and painless. We got loaded up in this tiny yellow prop-job and took off, making our way across Oregon. It seemed that as soon as we were up in the air, the attendant was letting us know that we were about to land. My parents got to the airport as soon as we landed and we were reunited within minutes! It was such a good feeling, finally seeing them again. Harold hasn't been to Boise since March of 2011, so he was pretty glad to be back 'home'. Of course we won't be back to his home until Sunday, but as long as we are in Idaho he is the happiest guy around.

After we got home and everything was settled, the girls came over and we all opened our Christmas gifts. Then after the gift giving had ended and the mess was somewhat cleaned up, my Mom started dinner (with the help of some adorable little chefs). Taco night is one of my favorites in this house, and I'm so happy to see these kiddos growing up with the same amazing food that I was raised to love. My Mom is the best Grandma/Mimi around!!

Mimi & her little helpers...who never sit still and rarely pose at the same time.

Look at all those apron-wearing munchkins!!
Layla showing me her cooking skills.
Aden ADORES his Mimi.
Hello, Jade!! Don't you just love those wild curls?
What a lovely apron!
My little man helping with the dishes.

Our first evening back in Boise was absolutely perfect. We shared a lot of laughs and hugs and kisses and smiles. We ate tacos, and more tacos...and maybe just one last taco...and then we said our goodnights and we hugged and we kissed and just like that, our day was done. It is amazing to me just how quickly these days can go by. Days like today make me so thankful for projects like these, so that I can always look back and remember all of the hugs, all of the love, all of the aprons and all of the delicious, heart-warming, belly-filling, Mother-made tacos.

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