Hey. I'm Allison!

I'm twenty-something, living in Virginia. I am a Homemaker, a Mother and a Wife. I am impulsive, impatient, emotional and stubborn. I am a doer, a spender, a dreamer and a never-ending talker.

I like canvases, ribbon, scissors and glue. I like to draw, to write, to craft and to sew. I like to organize. I like to take pictures. I like chocolate chip oatmeal cookie dough milkshakes.

And I love Harold.

That's Harold.

He's my husband (of 4 years, in April!). I met him when I was 15. He's been my best friend ever since. Harold is honest and grounded and strong and patient. He is a planner, a saver and a listener. 

He likes fast cars, big trucks, custom exhaust and a clean garage. He likes to read, to build, to design and to learn. He likes to be busy. He likes to travel. He likes to drink beer. 

And he loves me.


And we love Aden.

That's Aden.

Aden is 2, and he is our son. He is our greatest pride and joy. He is impatient, stubborn, smart and strong. He is a doer, a hugger, a climber and a never-ending babbler.

He likes fast cars, loud trucks, Harold's tools and my kisses. He likes to draw, to build, to run and to dance. He likes to be busy. He likes to wrestle. He likes to eat cheese.

And he loves us.

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