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Monster Jam

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This past weekend my little family and I had an opportunity to go check out the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam, here in Hampton at the Hampton Coliseum. Harold listens to the radio every morning on his way to work, and he just happened to hear a discount code for 2 for 1 tickets to this event. Plus, kids were only $5! It was a cheap date with my guys...

How could I resist such a sweet deal?

So we bought our tickets and got a few pals to join us. We wanted to invite more friends, but the ticket sale was the night before the event and seat options were limited. Maybe next time we'll get a few more friends into joining in on a Phythian family night.

When we bought our tickets, we were sure we would be in the 'nosebleeds'. There were only a few seats to choose from and none of us had ever been to the Coliseum before. But when we got to our seats, we were pleasantly surprised!! We were fairly close to the action, and our seats were perched right above the entrance to the arena. We got to see the giant Monsters come and go, engines roaring. 

Have you ever been to a Monster Truck show? I hadn't, this was my first time. I was pretty sure it would be a good time, 
but I'm into the big trucks with big tires and big attitude. 

(I picked my favorite Monster according to who was the loudest.) 

But even though it was a good time, there is one thing I would have changed, if I could do so.


Apparently this is a normal thing to think about, for the regular attendee. There were hundreds of kids sporting earmuffs, earplugs and covers of all kinds. Some were even detailed to look like giant tires. And from the looks we drew from the parent passerby's, we were obviously Monster Truck newbies.

It made me realize that no matter what I do, where I go or how well I think I'm doing as a parent...there is ALWAYS something to feel guilty for, and ALWAYS someone there to judge...what gives??

But anyway, we forgot earplugs. So our poor kiddo had to endure the super loud Monsters with Daddy's thumbs for protection. And, even though he went without proper equipment, he fared pretty well.

(...even though he did have this look on his face for the ENTIRE show...)
It makes me so happy to see some of those gorgeous red hues showing up again in my little blondie's hair!!

And before I go, here are a couple photos of our little group! Please ignore the purplish lips and the orange glow. The Coliseum lighting is NOT the greatest for anything but Monster Trucks. (they looked pretty sweet, right??)

Thanks for joining us, John & Alyssa!! It made our night, having you there with us!!