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Hello, Again...


Life is good.

My world is peachy, my days are busy, my 2 year old is potty trained (except for night time) and my worries are few.

I am a very happy girl!

After a few weeks of 'me time', I'm ready to ease myself into a new routine. I'm refreshed, relaxed and looking forward to the greatness that is bound to unfold in this beautiful somewhat-new year.

2012 was a very challenging year for me and my little family. And after such a long year filled with so many big changes, trials and triumphs, a girl just needs some downtime! And I'm so, so thankful that you've stuck around while I have taken a few weeks to get my act together.

So, let's catch up, shall we? Grab a good cup of coffee, glass of wine, bag of chips, box of cookies...or whatever it is your heart so desires...and enjoy this little reel of life that iPhone photos!!
Here's what's gone down while I've been gone...

One of our many trip to the MacArthur Mall to release as much energy as this kid can muster.

I took to Pinterest (once or twice) while away and found a few projects to get done. One of them being a nap mat for Aden, made from 3 yards of fabric and 3 pillows from Wal-Mart. $25 and 20 minutes of sewing. Highly recommend this one!! 

Our obnoxious sweet corgi, Harley, met her Baby Daddy, August. These two lovebirds will hopefully give us our first grandpuppies sometime this fall. (Yay, corgi babies!!)

I made up my own project. I wanted boxes for our laundry room, but didn't want to pay money for them. I'm cheap...

So I made some. $0.69 small moving boxes from home depot, 3 remnant fabric sections from Jo-Ann's Fabric and some hot glue. These puppies hide all my clutter like it's nobody's business!
This is pre-glue. I just taped the fabric to make sure of the fit. The inside is boring brown...but they sit high on our laundry room shelf anyway...never to be seen! I'm in love with how simple this project was, and the final product is exactly what I wanted. Clean, organized clutter hiders.
See those glowing boxes up there? Forgive the lighting...that's next on our list. Clutter be gone!! You'd never know what I was hiding up there...(all of our laundry room re-do project supplies...) These boxes do the job, and I paid approximately $2.00 per box. Give it a try! Let me know how it goes!
Oh yeah, I'm blonde again! Hello, natural roots. Goodbye expensive brunette upkeep. And hello, bangs! Ignore the poofy locks...this was after some serious hand-smash-flattening as soon as I left the salon and sat in my car. I'm IN LOVE with my new do. Just not the pageant look that every stylist seems to adore...
Remember our laundry room makeover? Here's the final touch. Custom shelves, made and installed by my handsome hubby. I have yet to paint them, but I still just can't get over how much I love them! Laundry Room Re-Do: Check!!

Still here? Excited for more?? Excellent.

Remember our living room? Remember how dark and brown it was? I used to love it. I painted this room this way for a reason. I wanted dark, warm and cozy. I wanted rich and I wanted bold. It was perfect...but then I got bored. And after a year of chocolate browns and wine reds, I needed a change. So after my husband finished wiring our TV (notice the lack of wires hanging down and around the screen?! He's amazing, right?) I figured it would be the perfect time for a new color. 

(Excuse the mess, and overflowing baskets...we were in transition mode, from project to project.)
At first I considered a tan color...but ultimately decided that it just wasn't a big enough change. Those who know me best know that I can't just do things small. I have to go all the way, or it's just not good enough.
 And then there was...


That's right...I went straight from dark cave to Easter egg. And I LOVED IT. But then I didn't. And I almost painted over it. But then I loved it again. And then I didn't...And then I painted all of my doors brown. And now I love it again. Especially now that I've done this...

In preparation for our newest project (just's coming...), I moved our entry bench over to the empty corner of the living room/office space to create a little reading nook for our book hungry toddler. This freed up some basket space (so long overflowing storage baskets) and gave Aden his own area specifically for reading. I'm a big fan of the dark browns I love as accents instead of the main shebang. It feels so much bigger and brighter in our little living space!

And, speaking of bigger and brighter, that brings me to our newest thing going on...

This was once the home of our tiny entry closet. Thanks to the skills of my multi-talented, beefcake of a husband...our closet is on its way to becoming a cute and functional, clean and organized little entry...something kind of like this.

Which is a link to a site full of mud room ideas...but this is the look we are wanting to go for. Sort of...but smaller...and less green...and more us. Less Pottery Barn.

I'm SO excited!!

So, that's what I've been up to while I've been away. Along with countless game nights, dinner dates, lunch dates, living room movie nights, pajama days, do-nothing-but-play-with-trucks days, and a few random roadtrips here and there...which is actually one thing I skipped over for this post...because it's already super long...and there's no need to overwhelm anyone on our first day back! One of these days I'll give our trips a special post of their own...

But for now...thanks, again, for sticking around.

Happy Friday!!