Project: Laundry Room, Part Two

My laundry room is nearly Pinterest worthy.

And it makes me SO HAPPY!

Seriously, this morning I stood at my back door, looking out into the laundry room, admiring the new look for more time than I'd like to admit. I just can't keep myself away from it! My husband and I actually took a few moments last night to take in our handiwork, talking about how nice it is to feel like the laundry room is actually a part of our home, instead of the cold little lean-to afterthought it was before. 

If you haven't seen our project from the beginning, you can find that here.

After procrastinating for a few days, Harold got tired of waiting around for me to get the floor painted and so he painted it himself. I swear, if he wasn't around, I may never get anything finished!! After it was done, though, I was so excited about how the room was coming together that I couldn't help but get started on the soon as the floor dried. Day 4: Paint floors...CHECK!!

This was taken through our back door window, so the glare is a little distracting...there isn't really a big white triangle on the back wall. But behind that, you can see that I did finally get the walls finished!! And even though it's hard to see in my pictures...(I promise to upload photos that aren't taken with my phone at some point)...this is the paint color.

Behr Premium Plus Ultra: Moss Landing.
 See? The pictures just don't do it justice! Also, the light we have in there right now is just about to die. So it is currently giving off a purplish glow...which doesn't do much for our Moss Landing green.

Day 5: Paint the walls...CHECK!!

And here is the last part of our progress so far. Everything is starting to look a little closer to the final product that we have in mind. Day 6 included getting the pedestal painted as well as putting up the shelves. Now that the pedestal is all white, it really looks a lot better to me. At first I was wondering whether we should have gone with more of a built in base, using drywall or keeping with the original look and using cinder-blocks. But now, I'm very happy with what we chose to do.

 Especially since our plan for this house includes putting it on the market within the next 2 years.

Everything we do with this home, we are doing with that in mind. The paint colors, the upgrades, the storage...we want the biggest bang for our buck, and the best way to do that is to spend a little and get a lot. With our $100 projects, I'm absolutely positive that we will get ourselves to the point where our home is ready to sell, by the time Hubby gets his orders and we are ready to leave Virginia behind us.

So when it comes to things like upgrading our laundry room, we figured that a base that is removable is best, in case new owners want options. Just in case they don't have front loader machines. Just in case they want to use the space differently. But just in case they DO have front loaders, this would be an excellent selling point, don't you think? All the work is already done! 

So anyway, there's the laundry room re-do update! Next up, finish putting up shelves, then cleaning up and bringing our 'beer fridge' back in.

Day 6: Paint Pedestal & Install shelves...CHECK!!

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3 Responses to “Project: Laundry Room, Part Two”

  1. It looks awesome!! I absolutely love that I can now go through pinterest saving things for my home that I want to do someday, and knowing I'll have the expertise nearby to actually get them done!! OMG can I move already!! I don't want to get there just as you're thinking about moving awayyyy

  2. Wow it's really coming together! What an inspiration- I love this! Have you run the washing machine or dryer on the pedestal yet? Does it shake? That's my concern. But I really really want to build one. It looks so good!

    1. We have run the washer and dryer. We haven't had any problems with them shaking. We made sure to level them when we put them up there, and I've used them, at least one of them each day, ever since we put set it up...still, no problems!! :)