Project: Laundry Room

Harold and I have started a new thing. For as much as I like projects, my husband likes to build things, make things, improve things probably twice as much as I do. And this guy is a perfectionist. A REAL perfectionist. There is not one ounce of lazy in that man...which is good for me. Because usually all I have to do is mention a project, and as long as I can get him as excited about it as I am...I know that it will happen. PLUS it will happen in the most cost effective way possible. Because Harold is the most penny pinchinest guy I know.

So anyway...we started a new thing, because one of our shared interests happens to be all-things-project-like, official Family Projects have come about. (We probably could have picked a more unique name...I was trying to figure out something that rhymed...but this will have to do.) Together we have already done countless projects in our almost 4 years of marriage...but since making it a real things, only one project has earned the title. (this is a relatively new thing)

In order to be an official Family Project, it has to... something that we choose to do together. something that we are both excited about.
AND something that costs our family $100 or less. 

And so, our family projects started with a table...

Our finished table!! Beautiful, right? And only $100!! Thank you, Pinterest.

I was SO happy with the results of our first project!! The supplies were inexpensive, we had all of the tools we needed and it only took us 3 days (including 1 full day to let the stain dry), the table was ready just in time for Thanksgiving and all of our company!

Check out the tutorial we found and followed here, at Country Girl Home!

Thanksgiving snacks
Thanksgiving pies & desserts! There were another 4 pies at least in the kitchen...I have a problem.
So, of course, since that project went so well, we decided to go a little bigger this time. We decided to tackle our laundry room. It is in some serious need of a remodel, and after drawing up some plans, pricing out the materials and deciding it would take less work than the rest of our projects, it got moved right up our list to #1 real quick. And so we went to our favorite place and got started...

Want to see a bit of our inspiration? Check out one of my fave sites (found via Pinterest), Ana White: Homemaker, and this one with Contractor Kurt.

$100 worth of materials: Check!

This is another time when I almost forgot to take my Before picture. The only thing you're missing here is in that right hand corner, there was a 'beer fridge', which is currently in the garage until we are finished. Also, the entire floor was that blue color...awful. And as you look at these pictures, you'll notice I never finished painting the walls. I started this project with my pal Tara while our husbands were deployed...actually, we started the painting project about 5 days before they were due to return.

So we rushed a little...and we cut a few corners...literally. 

The fridge hid that corner fairly well and I didn't want to move it at the time. (I'm lazy, ok?) We also put up those shelves...but they are now taken down and will be on the opposite wall...that you can't see right now. But anyway...

Here we go!! This was so exciting, I can't even tell you how happy I was to see this project finally beginning...

The base for our washer/dryer pedestal was starting to take shape!
I think we have a little handyman in training, here!! Aden loves projects just as much as Mommy & Daddy!
Here is the frame for the base! Beautiful, right??
Aden left his signature on the box.

After disassembling in the garage, we brought all the pieces into the laundry room to be installed.
Aden is testing out the dog bed. (The left will be a dog bed for our girls, the right will be room for 2 laundry baskets)
Fits perfectly! Plenty of room for the laundry baskets.

The top all painted! Notice the little paw prints on the floor? Our kitty, Blue, had to check out the project.
Here we's starting to look more like our final goal!
Are you still with me? I know there were a lot of pictures to go through. This project has taken us 4 days so far, this last picture was at 3 days of progress. And to be fair, that $100 won't complete our laundry room. It really just did exactly what you see here. Today I will be painting the rest of the floor and depending on when that completely dries, we will be finishing the walls next. We have all the paint for those projects, but the next part we have to wait to do. We will be adding the finishing touches to the pedestal, as well as tearing out our steps down into the laundry room and rebuilding them...

Have you seen this idea on Pinterest? I have seen it all over the place...I tried to find a link to a tutorial, but haven't been successful yet. We will just have to wing it! Anyway, it's the inspiration for our new steps.

So, that is days 1-3 of our laundry room re-do. I'll keep you updated as the progress continues!

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4 Responses to “Project: Laundry Room ”

  1. Yay for you and your hubby's talent! I wish I had an ounce of wanting to do stuff like that...I mean, I want someone else to do it for me because I like it but...I look at that table you made, I fall in love, and I think "where can I buy a table like that?" Haha...

    My home thanks you in advance for living so close to you next year. Just the little things...I still have my heart set on a "coffee station" per your design!

    1. I can't wait to help out with your house!! And the coffee station has been in my mind since the day I did mine. There are big things coming your way!! ;)

  2. That table is awesome! And I'm really impressed with your laundry room progress... I'm soooo intimidated by DIY. Maybe you can be my inspiration!

    1. Thanks!! I am obsessed with DIY! I like to stick to easy-to-follow tutorial projects. Check out pinterest! There are a lot of easy DIY projects that could get you eased into the DIY world. :) Thanks for stopping by!!