Catching Up

Me & Aden on our way from Seattle to Portland.

Well, for anyone who has been paying attention, I am obviously behind on my project. 2 days in, and I am already backpedaling! For those of you who didn't notice, by the time you read this I will most likely have my posts caught let's just pretend I never got behind.

Vacation is hard work!!

Harold, Aden and I left Norfolk on Saturday the 29th heading to Houston. We were an hour and a half behind schedule due to some mechanical issues with our plane. Because of that, we ended up missing our connection in Houston, which ended up being the final connecting flight of the day. We were placed on a flight from Houston to Seattle at 9 pm on the 30th. We ended up being a complete 24 hours behind schedule...which ate up an entire day that we had planned to spend in Seattle with family and friends.

Of course, if you have read my previous posts, these things will not be news to you. So let's move on, shall we? 

This morning we are with my Uncle Steve, watching the news and keeping Aden from playing with everything but the toys he is supposed to play with. In about an hour we will be on our way to the airport, hopefully flying out at 11 am with zero problems. We are on our way to Boise to see my family. I am so excited to finally be with my parents again and to have Aden see his Mimi & Papa and his cousins, Layla & Jade. Plus, Harold has yet to even meet our niece Jade! So this trip will be one to remember. 

I will have more to post for today, but for now I am just happy to finally have had an opportunity to sit down and get these posts updated.

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