Project: Fresh.

A new year calls for new beginnings.

New beginnings, fresh starts and new goals. 

That's what this post is all about...starting fresh.

So here's my new fresh bold new beginning...


Genius, right?

Ok, if you know me, this isn't really a new thing for me. I'm pretty much always doing projects, big and small, crafty or foody, building or tearing down, inside or outside...but if it's outside, I'm usually just supervising. (I don't like dirt...) And considering the name of this blog begins with the word 'Project', maybe this isn't that bold or really all that fresh, even. But there's more to this than just a word. A word is boring...and trust me...this will be anything but boring. (see what I did there?)

I. Love. Projects.

No exaggeration, there. I really, truly, love projects.

I want to be busy all day, every day. I want to be doing things, making things and improving things with every minute I have to myself. If I am watching a movie, you can bet money there will be a project on my lap through the entire thing. If there is a holiday around the corner, my craft room is drowning in the festive colors of choice...and if you follow me on Pinterest, you may be overwhelmed with an obsessive amount of DIY overload...and if you happen to be my Facebook pal, you're most likely annoyed by my weekly updates of my completed Pinterest finds.

You get it, right? Do you see where I'm going with this?

Writing. Photography. & Projects.

Weekly, sometimes maybe even daily projects? I'm excited already!!

Ok, before you say it...which you may have already thought it...

A Mommy blogger obsessed with Pinterest and DIY projects?
Old news.
And if you didn't think that, then don't bother going anywhere else but here. Because I'm the only one with this idea and it's never been done before. Love me. And only me.
 Otherwise, you're right. It is sort of old news. Which is what I was afraid of. But as I was reminded just recently, what isn't old news these days?? 

So, now that my blog actually has a purpose of sorts...I feel much better about blogging.

And if you haven't already, and maybe feel like you could, should or would...

Follow me!!



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One Response to “Project: Fresh.”

  1. Pretty much all of your ideas are genius...must be because of the company you keep. Me. That means me.'s a grand idea to blog about your projects, you'll never run out of material. Busiest gal I know, hands down. Plus, you'll have all fresh material this fall because you have a friend moving into town that can't even figure out how to turn a hot glue gun on.

    You just plug it in. I knowwww that. I was kidding.

    But that is as extensive a craft knowledge as I have.