Scratch that...

So here's the deal...

As I sat down to start a post, forcing myself to write, trying my hardest to come up with interesting things to say about uninteresting photos and blah details of my day to day life, I realized...this isn't what I want. When I first decided to do this 365 project, I thought that it would be the perfect way for me to keep my family and friends updated on our lives. I already take anywhere from 5-300 pictures in a day, why not pick one or two and post them with a little story from the day? I love to write anyway, especially for people who appreciate my style...of writing, that is. And I love why not combine the two??

And so I did. And it was fun...for a little while. And then it got hard. And then I failed.

But then it got fun again. But then life took over. And then my blog became work.

And me and work...well...we don't play nice.

So now, here I am, making myself sit down and work. And I don't like it...not even a little bit! I'm searching out photos from a week ago, trying to remember the details that go along with them just so I can make up for the days that I missed...because I can't handle looking back and seeing that my 365 project is failing (in all honesty, I'm technically already down to about 355...) And as I read through a few posts that I posted just to post, it leaves me wondering how many people might even care about these blah details. Sometimes I wonder why I even care about them...(only the boring ones, like what we had for lunch) YES, I was actually writing a post that included a picture of Mexican food. Which means that I am finding myself turning my blog into something I don't want...

And that's just not gonna fly.

So now I'm left with a decision to make. Do I buckle down and make up these posts, filling up my blog with boring? Well, I don't. Instead, I am going to ditch the 365 project. 

Say what you will...

...but it's hard! And let me just say, I was warned. OH, was I warned. I was told this would be hard and I was told it would be difficult sticking to such a specific subject, especially when Lord knows I have plenty of other things to say. But I didn't listen. I might be stubborn, and a glutton for punishment. Maybe.

 And so I did it anyway, and I have learned the error of my ways. And I have turned from the darkness that is work and have chosen a path of less resistance. And it shall be...awesome.


Q: What if I like reading about your blah details and the sweet nothings of your daily routine?
A: Facebook.  
 Q: How often will you be posting, now that you've failed your project, your loyal friends, family and followers?

 A: Every day that I feel inspired to do so. Which will hopefully be every day...but count on less. I like to keep the bar low, so as not to disappoint any further.

Q: Will you be creating a new blog? I mean, this one still suggests that this is a 365 project...that's pretty misleading.

 A: No new blog, me + work = no. Remember? Plus, this is my third attempt at a blog, and it will not fail. I like to think of this blog name as I think of my one and only tattoo. I may have outgrown it, but whether I like it or not, it will be here to remind me of where I've been and what I've learned and where I never care to go again.
 Q: Can I publicly follow you so you feel like your posts matter, even though I'm not sure what your blog is even about anymore?

 A: Yes. Yes you can!! Over on the right hand side of this clean cut blog there is an option to "Join This Site". Do it. You won't be disappointed.

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5 Responses to “Scratch that...”

  1. NO! I love your blogs! Dont quit Allison...dont give up! Just post when you want! Sad... :(

    1. I'm still going to post, and the blog will most likely still be a photo every day. Just not the 365 project. It's too stressful! Trust me, this will be better. :)

  2. I love being able to follow you guys, both on this blog and on Facebook. We sure do love all of you! =)

    1. And I'm so glad you are here to stay! Love you all too! Thanks for following. :)

  3. I pretty much adore this post. the writing, the promises. makes me giddy.