Happy New Year!

The first day of this New Year was spent traveling. Our friend Kenneth came and picked us up and brought us down to Portland. We were so glad he was able to make the trip because otherwise we would have been stuck. This was what our trip down looked like, covered in snow once we reached Vancouver. It was so nice to see snow again! Aden hasn't seen snow since he was a newborn in Upstate New York, so this has been a neat experience for him. Harold was so excited to see snow that he was snapping pictures right along with me...as you can see, he had his phone up and ready.
Once we got to Portland, we made our way out to Tualatin to visit Kegan, another high school friend of ours.We met up with Kenneth's brother and a couple of his friends, as well as Kegan and his friend Conner, at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. It was so nice to visit with friends we hadn't seen in years. 
Kenneth and our little family.

All of us with Kegan in his apartment in Tualatin.
We spent a couple hours visiting and getting caught up on each other's lives while Aden played with Kegan's dog Riley. And after some time with our friends, we decided it was time to go to my Uncle Steve's house across town in Portland. 
I already wrote about our time with Steve in my 'Catching Up' post, so I will just leave this one the way it is, since this is where our photos ended for the day.
Our first day of 2013 was long but it was great, and we were so glad to have seen these friends again.
Kenny & Kegan, let's not allow another 2 years to go by before we get together again, ok? 

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