Yay for Vacation!!


Today is the day we are supposed to be on our way to Seattle. This picture was taken before we knew that, instead of making it to Seattle, we would be stuck in Houston until tomorrow. Now we are at our hotel, hoping to make it out of here in the morning but pretty sure we will be stuck until the last flight out of Houston, tomorrow at 9 pm.

I have been thinking of an interesting way to tell the story, but's just not interesting.
It's frustrating and exhausting and just plain annoying.

So, long story short, our flight from Norfolk to Houston was behind by an hour and a half because of 'mechanical problems'. At first, we were told that there was nothing wrong with the plane or the weather and that it was due to a pilot being late...but eventually that story changed. Not that it really mattered, because either way we ended up missing our connecting flight out of Houston to Seattle. And because we have three people flying, we can't be fit into a flight until 9 pm tomorrow...unless some random seats open up on earlier flights.

Upon learning that we would be sticking around the airport in Norfolk for an extra hour and a half, we decided to down some coffee and a special treat to cheer us up.

Aden took some time to copy Mama...I can only imagine how his blog would read. He kept Daddy busy, running all over the airport playing a quick game of chase. We had a few glares, but mostly people were entertained by how happy and social he was. I really didn't care about anything other than getting rid of as much of his energy as we possibly could before trapping him on a 4 hour flight.

We are finally on our plane!! It's about time!!

Do I look tired? I was hoping my forced smile would look more natural than it does here...

So long, Norfolk!! Bring on Houston...

Our flight was fairly uneventful. Aden did really well until he got a little tired of his carseat and came to sit with me for the last leg. He actually snuggled with me and slept soundly on my shoulder (and for those of you who don't know him, this NEVER happens!!). Once we landed in Houston, we collected a hotel and food vouchers and then headed to the shuttles. On our ride over, we met a guy from Norfolk who happened to be on leave from his station on the USS Eisenhower. It was neat to chat with him for a little while. After we got to the hotel, we cashed in some vouchers for our dinner and came to our room. It's been a long, long day and we are so ready for bed!

Aden was so intrigued by the hotel phone. He was so attached to it, he took it to bed with him.

He would lay down for a little while, then sit up and quickly answer his phone...Hello? Hello?

Maybe it's time for me to go to bed too...Goodnight Houston.

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  1. Ugh this makes me cringe thinking about what happened to us on our flight home from Cali last time...and thinking about taking that same stupid flight again in May. Oh blast.