New Year's Eve

Hello Seattle!!

Actually, hello Poulsbo...and hello Casey & Evan!! Of course, we got into Seattle just before midnight and the last thing on our minds was taking pictures. We wanted to get our bags, get in the car and get out of that airport! And that is what we did, without hardly a pause for hugs and hellos...let alone photos. So, as these trips usually go, we don't have any photos of the lot of us together!! Someday, someday we will remember to take the time, no matter the rush, to take a few photos. 

While we were in Houston airport, waiting for our flight, we had $60 worth of food vouchers left to spend. Unfortunately for us, our terminal had only a few choices and we weren't really very hungry. So we went to Subway and we did our best to use up the vouchers. We each ordered, Harold a foot long sandwich and I ordered a salad with double meat...but Subway had just run out of their salad bowls, so they put my salad in a lid and told me it would be FREE! So here we are, trying our best to use up these vouchers and Subway is giving us a FREE $10 salad. (I'm not complaining, anyone who knows us knows that we rarely turn down free things...but out of all times to receive a free pass!) So as we made our way to our gate, Harold picked up a handful of bottled drinks and packaged snacks, but we still had $40 of vouchers! So after we got comfortable waiting at the gate, with only 20 minutes or so before our flight, I grabbed the vouchers and headed back to the food area. I browsed for a few minutes with a pocket full of snacks and zero appetite, and then I decided that it would be a waste for me to spend those vouchers on things we didn't need...or want. So I took a few minutes and sat down to watch people as they milled about, buying food and other things on their way to their own flights. I decided to pick out 4 people who looked like they would appreciate the vouchers and then went up to each of them and said, "Happy New Year", handed them a voucher and then walked away. 

If you ever have an opportunity to hand someone some free, no strings attached, it. You will feel awesome.

So anyway, after the vouchers were gone, I headed back to the gate and before I knew it we were ready to board. Our flight from Houston to Seattle was not fun. We were tired, we were uncomfortable and Aden was extremely tired of being stuck in his carseat. On top of it all, when we were about an hour in to the flight, I reached for Aden's chocolate milk to fill up his sippy cup and as soon as I touched it the lid popped off and the milk exploded ALL OVER ME. I had chocolate milk soaking my jeans, soaking my hands, sleeves and seat. It was pouring into my boots and sloshing between my toes, and the dang milk had even splashed all over the top of my beloved laptop!! Fortunately, just after this happened the flight attendant came by with the beverage cart and just as I looked up from the mess I saw a full, unopened package of napkins. I asked Harold to grab it, the entire thing, and we spent the next 15 minutes mopping up chocolate milk from EVERYWHERE. 

Right after this happened, the first thing that went through my mind was...

Is that sad? Maybe...but honestly, who doesn't hope that doing good things might make your life a little easier...?

Well, after all was said and done and the milk had dried into a crusty, sticky mess, we finally landed. Our lovely Lee's were there and waiting and we were so, so happy to finally see them. They whisked us away to their gorgeous home in Poulsbo and after some gift exchanging and a little conversation, we were off to bed. The morning came quickly and Aden was up and ready for a new day full of anything but airplanes. And this is where those adorable photos of Aden and the furry Lee babies come in. Those sweet pups are Hanna (the giant one) and Romeo (my little love who currently resembles an Ewok). 

Me & Casey, together again at last! Even if it is only for a night..

After we were all up and ready for the day, we loaded up Casey's jeep (my dream car) and headed into Seattle, and to meet up with Harold's Aunt Brandy and cousin Paige, and a childhood friend of mine, Heather. 

Our trip to Seattle on the Ferry from Bainbridge. The wind was ridiculous! This was the only one where you could actually see Harold's face behind the mess that was my hair.
Casey knew better than I and bundled herself up! As I came back in from outside, I overheard a woman actually say, when referring to me, "She is obviously not from Washington." It made me a little sad at just how right she was. I am so not from Washington anymore. I was NOT prepared for how cold this place is!!

Aden & Harold on our ride over to Seattle.

A few days ago, the night before we left on this trip, I mentioned that two things I was really excited to do was to go to Ivar's and also, to get a picture of us in front of Pike Place Market. Actually, I wanted a picture of Harold eating his first bowl of Ivar's clam chowder, but that just didn't happen. The way we were seated, at a table of 8, wasn't the most convenient setup for photos. But we went there, and we did take pictures of all of us together...but I'm still waiting on a few of those from our friends & family who joined us for lunch. As soon as I get them, I will post them, because that day was such a good time and the food was so, so good. And Harold agrees that Ivar's did have the best clam chowder he has ever had.

Of course, on our way to Seattle, my camera battery...DIED. I felt so ashamed!! As a photographer, as a Mother and as a tourist...I let myself down. I can't believe that throughout our trip, the one thing I forgot to do was charge my camera battery!! And now, I am convinced more than ever that I need an extra battery to keep charged and always ready in my camera bag. But anyway, it died on our way over to Seattle...which means that is where our nice camera pictures end and our iPhone photos begin. 
Here it is! Our family photo in front of the Pike Place Market.

So we all look a little what? This is one of my new favorite photos. The only thing missing is Evan's ugly mug.
A photo in front of Seattle's new ferris wheel.
Me & one of my best friends in the whole world. I'm so sad that she is so far away...and that she is so much taller than me!
And that was the last of our Seattle photos. Our day was full and busy and awesome...and it could have only been better had Evan been able to join us. The Navy is a jealous being, always doing her best to keep our guys away. Our last day of 2012 was one of the best days of the year, though. After we made it back to the house, our friend Kenneth (a pal from high school) came up from Portland, Oregon to spend New Year's Eve with us. Evan came home shortly after Kenneth arrived. After Casey & I picked up pizza, we all ate our dinner, enjoyed some beers and played a few good rounds of our favorite card game, NERTS. (If you haven't played, I urge you to google it and find some pals who are willing to try it out...) And just because I want to prove that I am not a sore loser...Evan won. And just because I am kind of a sore loser...I let him win.

We brought in the New Year fast asleep, all of us laying on the couches and floor, completely exhausted, after watching a wacky movie, The Fifth Element. The guys seemed to enjoy it, but Casey and I were bored out of our minds. Around 1 am, Harold and I woke up and went around waking everyone else up. It wasn't the most traditional or exciting way to welcome the New Year, but I really wouldn't have had it happen any other way.

So long, 2012. 

It's been a year full of a great many things I have no desire to list. I am just happy to see you happy that I never have to go through what I went through this last year, so happy that you are officially part of my past...I have never been so ready to start a new year and begin 2013 feeling fresh.

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  1. I couldnt have asked for a better time with you guys! I have missed you all way too much. Im glad we were able to check off your Seattle bucket list and do some of the things I have also wanted to do. I had a blast. Aden is getting way too big way too fast so im glad I was able to watch him be a little monkey. He was also a help in taking window decorations down :) You guys have been and continue to be some of the best friends we have ever had. Im glad we can make these visits work!! Love you all! Btw your blog is pretty funny!