This, my friends, is my son. His name is Aden. 

He. Is. Awesome.

As I was browsing through the seemingly endless supply of photos of my blonde little darling, I was having a hard time picking the perfect few for a post devoted completely to him. I looked and I looked...I oohed and I awed, I laughed and admittedly cried (just a little). But every time I began this post, I just didn't feel like I could sum up his entire personality in anything less than at least 30 photos. Of course that would be perfectly acceptable to me. But if you're anything like myself and are not naturally inclined to adore other people's kids, I imagine 30+ photos might be a little bit overwhelming... So I continued my search, looking for a way to narrow it down a little. Maybe 20 wouldn't be so bad...? And then, I came across these little gems.

These. Are. Awesome

And these are exactly what I was looking for. Every time I see these pictures of Aden, I can't help but smile. I also can't help but imagine that he is in the middle of saying, "This is FLIPPIN' SWEET!"

This is Aden. He is my kid and I am dang proud of him. Aden loves tools. He loves cars, trucks and pretty much anything else with wheels. He wouldn't trade time with his Daddy for anything else in the world. Bubble Guppies, Toy Story and The Lorax are his faves and his snack of choice is always cheese, or chips...or cheesy chips. 

He loves big hugs (but not without a kiss) and milk before bedtime. 
He is social and loving, stubborn and smart. 

This is Aden.

He. Is. Awesome.

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2 Responses to “Awesome”

  1. Oh hey, Aden, what's up? Love love love this pic with the cookies. And I really wish I was preggo and there at the moment so I could eat some for breakfast...haha...chowing down the five hundred cupcakes you made last year (OMG LAST YEAR??) is one of my favorite memories of pregnancy!

  2. An ENTIRE year has gone by since those baking days!! I seriously can't believe it. I wish I was preggo too so I could feel a little less guilty about the amount that I DID eat...