Les Miserables

Tonight I had the opportunity to go out. The moment comes every once in awhile, more so now that my husband is home, but even still, no matter how often I get that chance to take a little time for myself, I do it...and I do it quickly before my opportunity is gone. So tonight, after my son was asleep and a plan was made, a friend and I went out and took ourselves to see the movie, Les Miserables.  
Seriously the best movie I've seen this year. And that's saying something, because 2012 produced a nice collection of new favorites for me. 

In my opinion, the acting was excellent and the singing could have been better (but when you're comparing Hollywood with the musically superior Broadway, you have to know going in that you'll find yourself at least a little bit disappointed). For me, what took this movie straight from good, to better, to best was the storyline. Before seeing this movie, I had never bothered with the book, the musical or the story in general. Now that I've experienced Les Mis, I am hooked, and I bet you could guess what will be next on my reading list. 

Anyway, the movie let out a little after midnight and my son is rarely asleep after 8 am anymore. So I decided that even though I could honestly go on and on for pages about how much I loved this story, and what exactly I loved about it, it would be in everyone's best interest for me to go a different route and choose sleep over blogging. So here is a quote I found from the book that, to me, sums up everything I have to say about it so simply and beautifully that I don't even feel the smallest bit guilty over not writing anything more.

"The endeavor is vain, you cannot annihilate that eternal relic of the human heart, love."

--Volume IV, Book VII, Chapter II, Les Miserables - Victor Hugo--

Because the one picture that comes to mind when I think of love is this one...every time.

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2 Responses to “Les Miserables”

  1. Wanted to see it, now I want to see it more. You should get paid for this shameless plug.

    1. Agreed! And do go and see it. I will be buying this one. Actually buying it. ;)